Since 2013, Frank’s Taxi has been Rochester’s top choice for taxicab transportation and courier services.  At one time we were known for our unbeatable; $5 Anywhere in Rochester!  Although times have changed and $5 doesn’t quite cut it anymore we have kept our fares very reasonable and are the most affordable option out there.

   We started in a small home and then moved to a tiny office downtown, from there we have moved around a handful of times but we have now finally found a permanent home, teaming up with an Auto Garage.  What a perfect place to be!

   Throughout the years we have made lasting, wonderful relationships with our clients and they have come to know us as a caring, professional bunch.  Our longest tenured client still to this day takes us back and forth to church every Sunday, packs her driver a lunch and is a regular throughout the week.  We truly care about our clients because without them we’d be, well we’d have a boring job somewhere else!

Our Mission at Frank’s is to provide the best service possible at the best price possible.  We work very hard to maintain our high level of service and we are always improving.


Frank’s is a small company made up of real people and we treasure every one of our employees.  We typically have a staff of anywhere from 20 to 30 employees with full and part time positions and we are always looking for professional, thoughtful and personable people to join our staff.  Anyone with a clean Criminal Background and Motor Vehicle Report is always welcome to apply with us.  The pay is competitive and we have amazing clients!



Hours of operation:  Monday – Sunday  6AM – 12AM   

Depending on driver availability we may be closed on certain holidays.  We will leave a message on our phone lines if and when this occurs.



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